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Hello World!

Welcome to my new website and blogging space. It’s taken a while to get to this point (and there is still further to go), but I hope this will be a better platform to showcase my talents and talk about my interests and discoveries in all things 3D, Maya, and programming etc.

Honestly, the hardest thing to come up with is a title that covers my skills… 3D artist / Maya expert (if there is such a thing) / arty coding guy… I mean, if you look at my portfolio, it’s not all 3D. Some projects have relied heavily on writing programs and plug-ins to get the job done.

All I know is that I do 3D, arty stuff and when someone asks me to create something that software hasn’t provided a tool for, I’m usually able to code my way out of trouble!

So I said there is still further to go; the blog itself is a little bare with just one post at the moment, therefore I shall be posting semi-regularly. I want this to become a hub for documenting my research and development, maybe posting quick tips or how tos along the way. I have created a unique portfolio page, which I hope gives viewers an insight into every project I’ve worked on. I’m sure there will be more to add in the future.

I do have more ideas for this website, but I think this is a great place to start.

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