about me

Ethan Shilling

I have always enjoyed taking on new skills; I can’t help but be interested in the things I don’t yet understand. Since becoming a 3D artist I have been interested to learn how to program on the computer.

Using both my creative and technical skills has led me to the concept of creating programmable art; using computers not simply for it’s software, but as a tool in it’s own right to create bespoke art and visualisations.

I graduated at Rochester UCA with a First Class Degree in Computer Generated Arts and Animation in 2012 and am now working freelance, specialising in the field of 3D Art and Programming.

I consider myself to be a specialist in the 3D software, Maya, with experience in the entire 3D pipeline as well as focusing on:

  • Animation
  • Problem Solving
  • Maya API (MEL, Python and C++)

I have always been interested in animation, having grown up with Disney and Wallace and Gromit. It was stop motion animation that led me to 3D in the first place. I find it hard to believe I once said it looked way to complicated!

If you are interested in hiring me for an upcoming project or perhaps you just have a question, you can fill out the contact form below.

Take a look at my portfolio for a comprehensive list of my work and don’t forget to check out my blog in which I post my thoughts on the things I’ve been working on.

Ethan Shilling